Inventive and imaginative – creativity at work

Coming from a family of folk who could make things, I take my ability in craft work for granted. Every now and again someone will comment on something I have made and I am reminded that not everyone can knit or sew. I was thinking of adding “these days” to that comment but only recently when I [...]

Over coming shyness with the help of public speaking skills

Is shyness holding you back in your business? Whether it’s a networking event, a meeting or a public speaking opportunity – all of these can be painful experiences if you are very shy. And if, as a result, you avoid them – then your business could be suffering. Three years ago Alan Donegan [...]

Christine Richard OBE

Christine has over 25 years experience in public life in Scotland in the fields of the arts, politics, education, public relations and voluntary work. For 12 years she served on the City of Edinburgh District Council and was her Group’s leader for 4 years. Also she has been a Westminster and [...]

April Tax News with Val from Beyond the Numbers

HOW THE NON-TAXABLE CHILD BENEFIT IS TO TURN INTO TAXABLE INCOME! As a complex way of restricting the child benefit to those with income up to £50,000 per year, from 7 January 2013 the benefit will be taxed. And we thought the idea was to simplify the workings of the benefits and tax systems! [...]

How to deal with your unpleasant boss

Your boss is unpleasant. You don’t like working for him/her anymore but you like your job and don’t want to give it up. What do you do? Could you initiate building a better relationship with your boss and help him change his unpleasant ways? To do this you need to first recognise that your boss [...]

Campaigning for sustainable employment

Co-operatives UK is supporting the Campaign on Sustainable Employment, a Europe-wide campaign by the co-operative sector to promote businesses that generate long-term wealth for communities. The campaign aims to show how worker co-operatives in Europe are addressing the fallout from the financial [...]
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