The Business Benefits of Collaboration

Many companies, big and small, are moving towards a more collaborative approach to business. Effective collaboration is much more than just ‘working together’ – it’s a strategic choice too. As companies delve further into a collaborative work environment, they quickly find that the benefits [...]

Can big business help to fix the world?

From ‘wobble land’ to ‘dark nights of the soul’– Can big business help to fix the world? by Yee-Liu Williams Misconduct in the financial industry no longer surprises. Trust in big business and banks has been weakened by a world of economic inequalities and corruption. But is there [...]

3 ways your staff can ruin, or transform, your exhibition stand

Getting your exhibition stand right involves a great deal of planning – from branding and design to placement and collateral. Yet even the best laid plans can go awry. One aspect of your exhibition stand that can really make or break its success is your staff. While it’s obvious that hiring [...]

The power of trust, ethics and integrity in business

Promoting trust, ethics and integrity in the workplace was a major theme of a TIGERoadshow in Edinburgh, on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy. It was hosted by Tods Murray LLP’s Women in Business network and The3rdiMagazine. The roadshow was invited to Edinburgh by the magazine’s [...]

My board journey

Looking back for this article I was a little surprised to see how many boards I had served on. Every one was pro bono, so money was certainly not my motive. The majority were in the public and charity sectors. My present commitment is as a Director of The Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy. Our [...]
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