business women

Simone Hart, Perfect Service Solutions

Simone Hart’s entrepreneurial journey began more than three decades ago when she began working in administration and sales support for her father’s industrial cleaning company aged just 14. Thirty years on, having gone through some challenging but always interesting times, Simone is co-founder [...]

No appointment necessary for software success

Tech specs and computer code were far from Leah Hutcheon’s mind when she was treading the boards as a drama student. And her inner girl geek stayed resolutely hidden from view during her time as a magazine editor. But a gap in the online market ignited an IT idea, and by 2011 Leah was already [...]

Two year old daughter inspires the UK’s first paleo bar

Being a nutritionist, Suzie Walker was always going to be more conscientious than most when it came to ensuring her young daughter, Grace, ate healthily. But Suzie was genuinely shocked when, with Grace starting pre-school, she first went shopping for a healthy snack bar for Grace’s lunch box. [...]

Christine Richard OBE

Christine has over 25 years experience in public life in Scotland in the fields of the arts, politics, education, public relations and voluntary work. For 12 years she served on the City of Edinburgh District Council and was her Group’s leader for 4 years. Also she has been a Westminster and [...]

International Women’s Day – Why bother?

This week the world celebrates 101 years of International Women’s Day and before the doubting thomas’s amongst you even think why bother? OR tell me ‘We have the vote and we are well on our way to equality if we want it aren’t we?’ I feel a sense of duty to point out some pretty [...]