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Business Book Chain – The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less I’d like to share with you a favourite on my business/personal bookshelf – “The 80/20 Principle” by Richard Koch. A 2007 update of a 1997 publication (Nicholas Brealy Publishing, ISBN 978-1-85788-399-2, this “business classic” [...]

Must reads by Anne Casey

Phil Birch, business editor here at the3rdimagazine, has written a business book with a twist. It has all the “must haves” you would expect to see in a business book but the ‘twist’ is that this book looks at business from an ethical dimension. Sounds too radical? Clearly [...]

Must reads by Jane Kenyon

I get bored pretty easily with business books too Karen – they all sound the same after a while. I prefer personal stories so like the odd biography and Branson’s journey is an inspiring one as he is such a maverick. His latest Business Stripped Bare is worth a punt, his quote on the reverse of [...]

Find me a business book …

I have never read a business book. That is not something I am proud of, or ashamed by, it is simply a statement of fact. In truth it is also somewhat of an exaggeration. I have read lots of business books, either to review for the3rdimagazine or as part of my MBA or other line of academic study. [...]

Must reads by Clare Logie

I’m not a fan of business books, generally. I clearly am a fan of pretty sweeping statements, though. Like coffee shops, counsellors and canvassing politicians, there are so many poor ones out there in danger of tarring brilliance with the same brush that it can make you loathe to try another [...]

Must reads by Karen Finlayson

FIVE BUSINESS BOOKS THAT HAVE AN IMMEDIATE POSITIVE EFFECT I have a confession to make… I had been running a business for 3 years before I read a business book. In retrospect it seems crazy but I was so intent on building my business by running around like a proverbial headless chick that I [...]
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