Must reads by Lynne McNicoll

Lynne McNicoll is co-founder of It’s Good to Give! “I started fundraising in December 2005 as I hit my 49th birthday. I wanted to find a different and more giving way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I wanted a way to express that gratitude and I have found it in helping others. I said I [...]

Must reads by Phil Birch

I am an avid reader of books for business and personal development and I’d like to recommend two very different titles. The first is called  Flavours of Thought by Tom Evans. This is a unique, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable read. If there is a more accessible way of accessing and [...]

Business Book Chain-Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes –Roger Fisher and William Ury Guest reviewer – Pamela Lyall Getting to Yes has been around for quite a while – indeed it was first published as long ago as 1981 –but the modestly slim volume entitled Getting to Yes, still remains the seminal work on negotiation and worth [...]

Women on the Shelf – Runaway by Alice Munro

Short stories are something that I’ve always struggled with, and I don’t think I’m alone! Short stories are often considered a difficult genre, both for readers to fully engage with, and for publishers to promote. Often I can feel a bit ‘cheated’ by a short story – I end up getting [...]

New from Glasgow Women’s Library

  She Settles in the Shields provides a unique opportunity to meet the women who travelled to Scotland from all over the world in search of family, love and security. This book is now available to buy in the Library or online for just £9.95*. Told in their own words, the women reveal a [...]
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