Must reads by Clare Logie

I’m not a fan of business books, generally. I clearly am a fan of pretty sweeping statements, though. Like coffee shops, counsellors and canvassing politicians, there are so many poor ones out there in danger of tarring brilliance with the same brush that it can make you loathe to try another [...]

Must reads by Karen Finlayson

FIVE BUSINESS BOOKS THAT HAVE AN IMMEDIATE POSITIVE EFFECT I have a confession to make… I had been running a business for 3 years before I read a business book. In retrospect it seems crazy but I was so intent on building my business by running around like a proverbial headless chick that I [...]

Must Reads by Cordelia Ditton

Find me a business book I could read on a desert island! by Cordelia Ditton My business is voicebusiness, which gives you a clue as to what I do: communication and presentation skills training and coaching. I’ve read many books on these subjects over the years and learned lots of valuable ideas, [...]

Must reads by Jackie Cameron

When Karen asked us for recommendations for a business book I scurried to my bookshelf to take a look at which one to choose. Over the years I have gathered an eclectic mix of books that would fall into the “business” category. Now that I have a Kindle I have added some digital versions and I [...]

Must reads by Jill Ney

Find me a Business Book I Actually Want to Read I had a chuckle at this month’s theme ‘find me a business book I actually want to read’. I’ve always been a bit sceptical about business books but have to say I do often pick up a book when I’m in the airport… I have to admit I’ve yet to [...]

Must reads by Margot Grantham

Me and My Business Books I am one of those people who are frequently inspired by others and want to know how they do what they do so well which is why I enjoy scouring the business and biography sections of bookstores. I avidly read the fly-leaf for background and author’s biography, and the back [...]
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