Tax news – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

SHOULD LLPs INCORPORATE? A consultation document has been published on an HMRC attempt to stop what they believe are artificial profit and loss allocation schemes involving members of LLPs (and indeed other partnerships) where some of the members are chargeable to income tax but others are not. [...]

February Tax News – with Val from Beyond the Numbers

We mentioned last time the massive leap to £250,000 as the new and temporary annual amount you can spend in your business on machinery, furniture and the like, and get full tax write-off in the year. Most businesses do not spend anything like that amount in a year, but even so you have to be very [...]

December Tax News with Val from Beyond the Numbers

SEED ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT SCHEME – MORE DEVELOPMENTS As we become accustomed to the staggering tax breaks available under SEIS, we learn how and when to use the scheme, either as an investor or as a new business seeking to raise funds. Ideally, to ensure that the investment is not entirely [...]