3 gentle ways to reduce anxiety

In the midst of feeling anxious rationality goes out the window. There are all kinds of causes of anxiety from suppressed emotions to allergic responses, but they express themselves in a non-linear way most of the time. What to do? Learn 3 gentle energy techniques to work on reducing the panic [...]

Using mantra to release anxiety

The Malice Mantra Technique Filled with anxiety about small or large issues it feels as if there’s nowhere to run and hide. Learn The Malice Mantra Technique and you’ll be able to have your anxiety leave you. Learning it takes only a couple of minutes and you can use it [...]

Anxious Point of View

Anxiety has specific patterns in the brain and mind. Joy has specific patterns too, as does every other emotional and physical state. The big insight is that deliberately changing those patterns you can pull yourself out of anxious states quickly, safely & easily. It’s your brain & [...]