Anne Casey

Love life, love learning!

My dad told me, when I was 22 that he thought that I was turning into a professional student. Little did he know! It seems that it was a habit that was to stay with me. Along the way I have picked up certificates ranging from a city and guilds (giving my age away now) qualification in cooking to a [...]

Supplier diversity and inclusion code of conduct

The Royal Bank of Scotland developed and launched the supplier diversity and inclusion code of conduct on May 20th, in London. The code of conduct has been endorsed by WEConnect International (Connecting Women’s Enterprises with Market Opportunity) a non-profit organisation which states that: [...]

Keep a woman on British bank notes

Recently there has been a furore over the Bank of England’s decision to replace Elizabeth Fry by Sir Winston Churchill on bank notes. Elizabeth II is of course on all the bank notes as the reigning monarch and would at the point of change be the only woman, by virtue of birth alone, on the [...]

Community Building

Communities don’t tend to just happen. Usually they are built, whether they are physical or commuties of interest or a mixture of both. Therefore there has to be an intent and an idea on the part of the creator(s) how they will be made to happen and the form that they will take. I am not sure [...]

Creative? No, not me!

This month’s theme has caused me to be more thoughtful than usual. Perhaps because it is more intangible then most of the themes that have been covered in the magazine and also because I have never thought of myself as being creative. Not that I have spent much time thinking about it, but I [...]
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