Anne Casey

Learning on and off the job

In my working life, I have been part of many different teams and been involved in team building away days. So I was asking myself, what from all this experience could I draw on, for an article for this month’s topic. Two very different situations came to mind. The first was when I worked in [...]

Being a women in 2014 – for better or worse?

Throughout 2013, here at the3rdimagazine, members and guest contributors wrote about what it was to be a women, from varied perspectives and on different topics. Some of us pointed out how much better it is to be a women in this day and age and that much progress has been made, albeit this is not [...]


I was thinking about the topic for the magazine and wondered what I could write as I have never mentored or been mentored. Or had I? I thought back on my work history and the light dawned. Mentoring does not have to be a formal relationship between two people, it can be informal and, when I started [...]

Everyday sexism – what can we do about it?

I wrote this article in August to give our regular contributors some food for thought (not that they need it!) for the topic this month. I felt strongly then and if you are in any doubt about how I feel now, please read my October article: My dad says I am as good as any man. The topic for October [...]

A time of austerity

A time of austerity: hard for some and for others it barely impinges on their consciousness much less their lifestyle. A time of austerity: time to notice the huge inequalities. We read that the 100 richest people in the world could eradicate hunger. We read that Britain is one of the most unequal [...]

Everyday sexism

The topic for October is to be everyday sexism. What does it mean for you? Is it what you experience in your everyday life? If so, how do you deal with it? Do you think that you are tackling it head on and if so, how? What do you think that we can do about? Can we do anything about it? I have been [...]
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