On aspiration

Aspiration: As an ex-scientist aspiration to me is drawing something, particularly bodily fluids, in or out using a sucking motion. I suspect that this isn’t the definition used by politicians. Over the past several months politicians from all parties have spoken about the aspirations of working [...]

What comes first, the ambition or the achievement?

One small step… Here’s a riddle for 3rdi readers currently on holiday with plenty of time to ponder – what comes first, the ambition or the achievement? Many may assume that we must have the ambition to do before we can achieve anything but others will consider this with a “chicken [...]

Am I ambitious? You bet I am!

I am sitting here thinking about ambition – am I ambitious? You bet I am! Have I always been ambitious – I don’t actually think so. Thinking back to those teenage and early twenties years I was happy to be working but not overly ambitious. Buying my first flat made me work even harder but not [...]

Jane Royston

‘I had a dream’ to build a fair business; it turned out rather well! Jane Royston remembers vividly the moment when her business career took a dramatic turn. It followed a champagne buffet party in Paris in September 1986. She was 28 years old and head of IT in France for the US [...]

Sylvia Gardiner

Sylvia Gardiner is founder and chairperson of the Lucia charity. Lucia, stands for Life Uplifted by Change In Africa. The core of Lucia is the belief that that the key to positive change is to empower people in Africa, particularly women, to help themselves with long-term self-sustainable [...]

Julia Hague

I was born in 1957 in London and was educated in a Convent School where I learned how to be strong, compassionate, confident and an independent thinking young woman. Growing up in the sixties and seventies in such a vibrant city gave me a love of people and a fascination for what makes them tick. [...]
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