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Community Impact Index

Some great stories about co-operative businesses are achieving social impact in their communities.

Senegal hails new prime minister known for football and feminism

At last a good news story.  Read about Senegal’s new Prime Minister, Aminata Toure, who has a ‘successful track record opposing corruption.’

Women at Davos: what’s happening to the numbers?

The Economic Forum is again meeting in Davos and, depressingly, the number of women delegates has fallen.  It is considered to be the event which the world’s most powerful people, sorry, change that to men, attend.  We are again, out in the cold, when it potentially  matters most.  The Guardian lays it out for us here.

 A gun designed for Indian women

India’s response to gang-rape is to design a gun for women.  Hardly likely to change the culture which exists!  You can read more here.

‘Intersectional feminism’. What the hell is it? (And why you should care)

Today’s feminist movement is said to be in danger of losing momentum unless it recognises that not every feminist is white, middle class, cis-gendered and able bodied. Cue intersectionality, writes Ava Vidal, who unpicks the latest f-buzzword that’s causing controversy.  Read the full article from The Telegraph here


You’ll learn and practice:

  • Strategic planning for business and life
  • Timeline

Invest now to secure your place.  £10.00 per ticket, booking is essential.

We’ll see you at The Scotsman Hotel on the 19th March 2014 at 6pm until 8:30pm with refreshments.

Price: £10.00

Contact Rebecca at or click here

Stillness in Motion

Motion without stillness is driven-ness. Stillness without motion is stuck-ness.
Stillness in motion; and motion in stillness is Presence in action

Breakthrough Training for Coaches, Facilitators, Leaders & Therapists

Embracing Complexity (1 day)

Systemic Coaching – The Potent 6 Constellation (3 days)

2014 Dates:
16, 17-19 January
10, 11-13 April
11, 12-14 September
11, 12-14 December

Edinburgh, Scotland

More information here on Louie Gardiner or you can contact her by email:

Small Group Women’s Development & Confidence Workshop

Take-away tools, techniques & easy NLP Skills. Boost Confidence – Improve Self Esteem – Motivation
Communication Skills – Personal Impact – Assertiveness.
Venue: The Training Suite, 34 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1DA
Time: 11am – 5pm
Price: £85   
Enquire: 07984 306661

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training, 24th to 30th March 2014 with Rebecca Bonnington at The Scotsman Hotel, North Bridge, Edinburgh. Rebecca is licensed by the Society of NLP to train to Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level.

Social Enterprise Support in Scotland

A new organisation has been set up to support women to set-up and manage social enterprise.  the3rdi is partnering with this new organisation WISE-net and Ogunte, an existing organisation which ‘believes in the social impact made by women’.  We will be updating our readers on a regular basis as this project develops.

A Midlothian Therapist takes Bowen Technique to Bosnia

Mary Macfarlane, Bowen Technique and Healing Practitioner, is soon to fly to Sarajevo to help bring relief to those who still suffer the consequences of the war in Bosnia. She will join a team of other complementary therapists to work in clinics set up by the British charity Healing Hands Network, who also run clinics in the UK for ex-service personnel and their families. During her stay in Sarajevo Mary will be offering treatments to around 70 people.

Healing Hands Network was set up in 1996 after the end of the Bosnian war and continues to have a presence there because the consequences of war on the civilian population is still being felt today.

“ I am going because I know the Bowen Technique can make a difference to those in pain from illness or injury ” says Mary. “ Others who have volunteered in Bosnia previously have told me that I will gain as much as I give and I know it will be a life changing experience for me. I will be treating people with complex conditions such amputations or shrapnel wounds“

Mary has raised £850 to pay for her flights and accommodation through the generosity of people who have heard her story. “I am in deep gratitude to those who have kindly contributed with donations”.

As well as being a busy Bowen Therapist working in Haymarket Edinburgh Mary volunteers with the Borders Healing Group who regularly offer Healing from within the Chaplaincy Centre at Borders General Hospital Melrose. It is this dedication and passion to use her skill to help others experience relief from pain that led her to join the Healing Hands Network, who themselves exist to bring relief of suffering caused by war.

For donations or information about Healing Hands Network

Mary Macfarlane can be contacted on 07989133215 or via her website

100 Women to Watch

Cranfield University School of Management has published the “100 Women to Watch” supplement which was introduced in the 2009 Female FTSE report andcontinues to be popular. They have identified 100 women who are currently on the executive committees of FTSE listed companies, in major financial institutions or professional service firms, or in senior executive roles in large charitable organisations and who are poised and ready for a Board position. These are just 100 of a substantial and ever-growing talent pool of women who search consultancies and nomination committees should be considering.  You can read more here:

Guardian Social Enterprise Network

The Guardian Social Enterprise Network provides news and advice. You can join here to get regular updates:


Women in the UK still face major inequalities in many areas of their lives. Women’s unequal position in our society is
in built into laws and policies, the everyday practices and decision-making processes of our institutions and organisations, as well as being embedded within popular culture and attitudes. While we all must play our part in change, the State has a key role to play. One of the primary duties of any government is to protect, respect and fulfil the basic rights of women and men on an equal basis, says the Fawcett Society. Read the Society’s report Red-Tape-REd-Lines which sets out five reasons why the coalition government should not drop its duty to tackle women’s inequality:

Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs

‘Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs,’ is the second report in a three part series published by  the CIPD on 14 August 2013, on entrepreneurial practices. The report highlights that there are more than 2.4 million unemployed women who want to work and that if there were as many female entrepreneurs as there are male entrepreneurs, GDP could be boosted by 10% by 2030. You can read the report on their website:

Turning Emotional Misery into Emotional Mastery

If you want to break out of a way of being which holds you victim to life, others and circumstance; if you want to embrace and learn how to use your mind to regain power over the choices you make, then this opportunity really is for you.

Read More and dowload flyer

Embracing Complexity in Coaching and Supervision

Tuesday 17th September  2013
This one day workshop introduces theory and principles of complex adaptive systems and illustrates how these show up and inform what happens within and between individuals. You will be introduced to new and different ways of seeing and understanding the patterns and dynamics at play in the human system.

Read More and download flyer

Co-operative Women’s Challenge

The Women’s Co-operative Challenge 2020 aims to ensure that women are fairly represented at all levels within co-operative businesses. You can read more here:



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