Philip Birch

philbirchbw-e1297112991794Phil is an entrepreneur and original thinker on business issues and has huge experience within the corporate environment.

His roles include Senior Commercial management of a £150M business division, Business Manager for corporate transformation programs, Financial Controller, Financial Director, independent business consultant and coach, owner of several private business enterprises, writer and mentor.

A natural and inspirational leader with an exceptional track record, he possesses the ability to analyse complex business issues and to deliver strategic and operational solutions. Phil is a creative and innovative thinker with the ability to understand the detail. He has a high personal energy and integrity and is an accomplished communicator at all levels.

A genuine social entrepreneur as co-founder and Director of a bone fide co-operative IPS company; the 3rdi magazine and founder of the revolutionary global business system, EthiconomicsTM. Phil’s first book, “An A-Z Introduction to Ethiconomics” was published in April 2011.

Business Coach and Mentor
Under the banner BirchBusinessIQ, Phil delivers business start up and development courses and workshops. These provide entrepreneurs and businesses with business strategy training and a model to manage their business mission and operations. Phil also delivers these workshops to students and youth organisations including The National Enterprise Academy. Phil also acts as mentor to business leaders and entrepreneurs and as Non-Executive Director within the micro- and SME sector.

Director and Entrepreneur
As Co-founder and Business Director, Phil is behind the business strategy of the3rdi magazine including product development, services and collaborative projects. This business and well-being magazine is aimed at women in the business world and is designed to deliver information and inspiration to this vital and growing business sector.
“I am working to develop a community of aspiring and inspiring women that act as mentors, role models, collaborators and supporters for all women in business. Our articles, projects and events are intended to empower and support women in growing and developing themselves and their respective work and business ventures This is why the magazine is a co-operative model; we want all members to receive the maximum benefit of our business including a formal share in the business, voting rights and dividends as well as superb networking and contact opportunities. The more the community grows, the more benefits we can offer to all of our members.”

Currently promoting An Introduction to Ethiconomics into the UK business environment, his work has already won some high profile supporters, including the Rt Hon. Lord Ashley of Stoke, a recognised campaigner for the rights of the underprivileged.

Speaking of Phil’s book, Lord Ashley said:
“I think it is a splendid piece of work and deserves high praise not just because of the way it is written, but also because it tackles an old subject in a fresh way. All too often the moral case goes by the board but it may well be that (Birch has) started a new way of approaching the dry subject of economics.”
Phil is currently teaching the principles of Ethiconomics through coaching and training courses and aims to convert all business leaders to this way of thinking.
“I hope, through my work, to inspire business leaders and entrepreneurs to become part of a growing breed of ‘Ethiconomists’, who realise that life is so much more rewarding, emotionally and ultimately financially, when its lived the right way.”

Business articles and blogs
Phil writes monthly business advice and opinion pieces, which appear under the name of Ethiconomics, in the 3rdi magazine He also writes regular pieces on business ethics, values and personal development at where you can find more information on Phil’s projects and services as well as Phil’s many testimonials and endorsements and contact details.

You can connect with Phil on LinkedIn as Phil Birch
Connect on twitter as @ethiconomics and @BirchBusinessIQ

For further information about Phil as an author, contact Murielle at Live It publishing;

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