Mhairi Gordon Preston

close-up-jacket-smiling-crop-e1350745323841If you are……. looking for high-quality coaching support, new ideas, and accountability – to transform your life experience and to keep going even if things get challenging. I am……. your champion, and provide support for every step of your journey.

We will coach especially well together if you are…
…inspired by the oceans or the beach,
…open to sampling new ways of doing things,
…happy to investigate your thoughts, actions and feelings,
…ready to make changes when thoughts, actions or feelings are holding you back,
…and willing to step into your new life.


  • How did you first become involved in business (eg business degree, apprenticeship, enterprise, family, etc)?

At the age of 25, having done lots of great work for a particular company, at my annual appraisal I was told I had messy handwriting… no feedback on my actual performance! It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, so within 24 hours I had decided to go freelance, and within the month I’d handed-in my notice.

  • What advice would you give to women starting in business?

Listen to those who encourage you to do what feels right to you. Smile and say thank you whenever someone says you can’t do it and instantly forget everything they just said! Get a business coach and create a circle of supportive, like-minded business-people .

  • How do you see things changing for women in business in the next (3-5) years?

I see the rise and rise of Mompreneurs, female co-operatives, women’s networking, and academic research showing the value of women in business – check out the research on business performance in Iceland, where 40% of business board members have to be women.

  • Are you involved in any initiatives to support women?

You bet! I love being part of 3rdi, of Cheshire Winning Women, and of two female MasterMind Groups. Plus, every day I click which sends donations to Amnesty International’s work to free women around the world from violence.

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