Louie Gardiner

Louie-e1306418193266-232x300People matter first – all else follows. This is the foundation on which Louie has grown her personal and professional life. She is a global executive coach, facilitator, writer and Human Systems Dynamics consultant with a proven track record spanning 30 years: transforming organisational and community cultures, inspiring leaders, enhancing emotional mastery, liberating potential, turning around poor performance and improving the lives of people within and outwith organisations.

Her expertise arises from her enduring commitment to serve well – by seeking to understand, learn and continually develop her capacity to work with the unpredictable dynamics that play out in teams, organisations, communities and individuals. Louie is a sought-after Coach, Coach Supervisor and the only Human Systems Dynamics Consultant in Scotland. Her approach is supportive, challenging, disarming, surprising and playful.

Louie’s consulting practice is unusual and yet hugely effective at supporting others to navigate complex, fast-changing contexts and challenges. Her success is founded on her capacity to engage people in addressing challenges that span strategic, operational, relational and personal realms; and which require dialogue, participation and productive partnering within, between and across diverse sectors, disciplines and levels.

Throughout her life, Louie has been intensely curious – seeking to understand why and how people react as they do. This led to a lifetime of empirical research, underpinned by personal and academic study. As a result of her deeply practical inquiry, Louie has developed several pioneering frameworks and models that support her work with individuals and whole systems:

· The Potent 6 Constellation – for enhancing personal mastery; facilitating conflict; and transforming team and organisational cultures

· The PAI Process – for gaining clarity and navigating through complex, strategic, uncertain dilemmas

· The Participation Compass – for designing fit-for-purpose stakeholder participation/ engagement

Training is available for all these, on request.

Thanks in advance.

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