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Here we promote events, training courses and publications from members of the3rdimagazine co-operative.

High Performance Sales and Persuasion 1st and 2nd September 2014
– Learn to close deals quickly and efficiently
– Discover what your client’s dominant buying mode is
– Inoculate objections before they arise
and more..
£299 per person + VAT
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Red Hot Manager 10th and 11th September 2014
– Learn how to ask brilliant questions at interview and appraisals
– Run meetings effectively and efficiently
– Use coaching as a management tool
and more….
£299 per person + VAT
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Presenting Excellence 23rd October 2014
– Stop being afraid of presenting or speaking in public and start enjoying yourself
– Learn how to use your voice to command the room
– Get over your nervousness and relax to present brilliantly every time
£199 per person + VAT
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Business networking seminar for Scottish young  professionals
Why you need to attend
You are young, intelligent and well-qualified. So is everyone else. You have a high level of technical skill in your chosen profession. So does everyone else.
You are ambitious. You have competition. You need an ‘edge’. This 90 minute seminar will give you that edge. What really differentiates the business ‘stars’ of tomorrow from ‘the rest’ is how well-connected you become. And how this impacts your ability to attract future opportunities for your organisation.
That means getting out and building your business network from TODAY; regardless of your age or experience level right now.
This seminar could well be a turning point in your career. Whether you are a socially confident person or a more quiet introvert, you will learn life-skills that will give you the confidence to turn far more strangers into future friends and business contacts.
Booking via Eventbrite –

Coach CPD: The Potent 6 Constellation
This is a radical addition to the resources of anyone wanting to expand their systemic ability to support clients, teams and organisations through complex, uncertain, disturbing times. More information on Louie Gardiner and the courses she is running in 2014 can be seen here.

Young Adult Guides

Roy Sheppard is an author and broadcaster.  You can find the range of services that Roy can provide here

Click here for information on his newly published adult guides.

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training

NLP Licensed Practitioner Training, 24th to 30th March 2014 with Rebecca Bonnington at The Scotsman Hotel, North Bridge, Edinburgh. Rebecca is licensed by the Society of NLP to train to Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level.

Contact Rebecca at



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