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Special Offer – students and young people

Over the past few years we have heard from some great young entrepreneurs and featured businesses run by some amazing young people.

We have also offered the opportunity for budding writers and journalists to get involved and to share their view of the world. Here’s young editor what Hollie Weatherstone has to say,

“Writing and editing for the 3rdi alongside simply reading and learning from the fantastic community of people who write for the magazine has definitely helped me with my career. Teaching has been my bread and butter for the past few years but recently I was looking for a new challenge and got a job in social media and press relations which was in part due to all of my additional work and skills gained from my ongoing involvement with this publication. I think it’s really important today for young women to be enterprising and the 3rdi Magazine is full of interesting articles, interviews and tips from influential women around the world alongside having an established online network which provides for many opportunities.”

To make sure that we can continue to support young women, and men, in these challenging times we are offering you the chance to support young enterprise.

For just £25 a year you can sponsor a young person. They can then submit their articles for inclusion in the3rdimagazine and, as well as publishing their column, we will provide feedback to support their development as a writer. We will also include the young person within our growing network of supporters, contributors and members so that they can benefit, as Hollie has, from involvement with the3rdimagazine.

Association with the3rdimagazine has opened doors for Hollie, how many young women can say that they’ve interviewed the former president of Ecuador, Rosalía Arteaga Serrano and the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team, and we hope to support many more young people.

young membership is only £25 per year

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