Our Vision

the3rdi magazine member owned co-operative will change the way the world does business by creating a community of dynamic, talented women who are powerful on our own terms.

It is clear that the current system isn’t working; women are under-represented in the boardroom and in public office and issues such as work-life balance have slipped off the agenda. Now you could sit back and wait for someone else to fix it … or you can take control. The3rdi is a community of women who are the driving force behind the change we want to see.


  • the3rdi magazine is the UK’s leading on-line magazine for business women. We profile inspirational women leaders, successful women-led businesses, innovation in coaching, promote womens health and wellbeing and cover stories from the3rd sector that really make a difference to the lives of women in our communities.We are working with the Inspiring Women Leaders Foundation to launch a groundbreaking new initiative in womens leadership. The event, which will take place on 15th June 2011 and play host to 150 of the UK’s leading business women, will revolutionise the way we approach leadership and promote real transformational change within major private and public sector organisations.
  • We are addressing the key area of womens confidence by bringing together the UK’s leading confidence coaches and hosting an innovative workshop event to address the issue of self-esteem in order to ensure that more women feel able to stand up and stand out!
  • We have launched a major new initiative, Fair Comment, which harnesses the expertise within the community to generate business ideas for other businesses and make significant donations to The Women’s Fund
  • We are working with organisations to raise awareness of issues that effect women in disadvantaged communities across the world, specifically initiatives to stop socially and religiously sanctioned prostitution and the trafficking of young girls.
  • We are involved in initiatives to encourage more women into public office, to look at the outcomes for women leaders in the public compared to the private sector, to look at issues of confidence, to look at issues relating to women raising finance for new start businesses……. etc!

So, if you are the kind of person who always asks “What’s in it for me?” then you should probably look away now. That’s not to say that membership will not bring huge personal benefits, it will – but this should not be your first question. We all need to step up and start to do something for each other as women so that we can all reap the rewards not just benefit personally!

And, since we are a member owned co-operative, you get to own part of this business.

So don’t just sit on the sidelines. Play your part!

Membership is just £250 for 5 years.
If you prefer to stage payment, then please contact anne@the3rdi.co.uk


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