Our amazing team

The3rdi has become the most extraordinary collaborative project, bringing together the UK’s most innovative and entrepreneurial women …and 2011 will see us uniting to change the way the world does business.

Karen Birch has, for the past 20 years, founded and grown entrepreneurial businesses across a number of sectors.

I co-founded the3rdi magazine  to inform, inspire and involve women in all areas of work. We are an ethically-driven team of professionals with the united goal of passing on our knowledge, experience and wisdom to readers so that they may benefit from this information and make their own business and private lives as rewarding as possible. We will continue to develop initiatives in support of the community. You can read more about Karen here

Jane Kenyon is a dynamic entrepreneur involved in several businesses and working as a coach specifically with entrepreneurs and speakers. She is recognised by her peers as an inspiring individual who has the ability and talent to expect nothing less than outstanding and although she has experienced hardships in both her personal and business life, she never quits.

Jane is founder of Well-Heeled Divas and today heads up a Social Enterprise girlsoutloud.org.uk

Lynne Parker founded Funny Women in 2002, it is a production company dedicated to promoting female comedy talent. It has grown to become a unique entertainment brand promoting new female acts and working with established performers.

The company’s heart and soul is its annual competition, the Funny Women Awards. Now attracting over 250 entrants each year, and featured on the BBC’s Comedy Extra website, the winners and finalists are guaranteed a platform for their talents.

Sonia Brown launched the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN) in 1999, to promote networking opportunities on behalf of women within the wider professional and business environment.

In 2008, Sonia launched www.sistatalk.co.uk an exciting corporate and social networking forum aimed at women looking to create a strong online professional presence and provides an extensive and useful resource for anyone serious about attracting the attention of who’s who in industry and business.

As former head of Women in Business at Bank of Scotland Claire Logie has been at the very heart of issues important to women throughout her career.

Now Strategic Director at Independent Women Clare provides top notch financial services for female clients across the UK, supporting women to reach financial independence at every stage of their life and careers.

Independent Women is a female focused service founded on a deep understanding of what it means to be a woman, irrespective of relationship status or degree of wealth.

Chantal Cooke is a passionate environmentalist, co-founder and Managing Director of the award winning Passion for the Planet Radio Station.

Sometimes when confronted with the enormity of our environmental challenges and the seeming lack of urgency displayed by our leaders, it’s easy to feel we are all doomed and that any contribution we make is pointless. Chantal believes that as individuals we can make a difference. We have enormous power – it’s just that we often don’t realise it.

Kath Temple is an international trainer and coach, she is an MSc Psychologist., entrepreneur and social entrepreneur on a divine mission to create more happy success on the planet.

Kath is also an international NLP Master & Trainer, and an Executive Coach. She established The Lifelong Learning Company in 1995, and is a social entrepreneur who runs The Happiness Foundation, a not-for-profit NHS funded organisation offering courses in Breaking the Cycle of Depression, Overcoming Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Happiness Matters in Families.

Louie Gardiner is a first rate leadership development consultant, executive coach and collaborative strategic planner.

Uniquely working across the spectrum of experienced executives, top-teams and high potential, aspiring leaders within organisations and communities, Louie creates a context that supports all to self-empower. Louie has recently founded a non-profit social business explicitly to support the development of leaders within and across communities, organisations, businesses that operate across corporate, public and third sectors

Jackie Cameron has coached clients from all types of organisations – private, public, third sector and charities and including business owners, directors, educational leaders, new managers and recent graduates.

Throughout her whole career Jackie has been a passionate networker but she didn’t call it networking, she was just interested in people!

The introduction of social networking sites has brought an interesting new strand to Jackie’s business and she has acquired a reputation as someone who knows how to use social networking for business.

Phil Birch
has spent the best part of the last 8 years consulting and coaching. At the same time I
Phil has been researching, reading and practicing many personal, business and spiritual development techniques
“I believe in authenticity, ethics, social values and communication. I insist that my clients do too. My mentoring is given as a personal undertaking. I work with the person as well as the business. I do not believe that we have to have many faces, just be many facetted. Authentic values supporting an ethical plan. That is how I mentor..”

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