enterprising women

fabulous profiles of some of the UK’s leading businesswomen from private, public and social sectors.

Kath Temple

Kathryn Temple is an inspiring and energising MSc Business Psychologist, NLP Master and Trainer, and Executive Coach. As the winner of the 2008 Business Person of the Year Award, and a finalist in the 2009 Business with Community Impact, Kath is passionate about making a difference and leaving a [...]

Carole Bridge

Carole Bridge Maggie’s Centres provide much needed friendship, hospitality and support for cancer sufferers across the UK. The Centres are the brainchild of Maggie Keswick Jencks, a woman who had vitality and determination in abundance. She needed every ounce of these when, in 1993, she was [...]

Dawn Gibbins

Dawn Gibbins with her mum Dawn Gibbins MBE, seen here with her Mum, is an entrepreneur with a difference. After an early bohemian backpacking lifestyle, Dawn set up a company from home that today has grown to be a world leader, with offices in 30 countries and 12 manufacturing plants around the [...]

Amanda Steadman

Amanda Steadman set up Wealthbabes to educate clients about building businesses, wealth and maximising the internet. Amanda tells us about her path to success and her plans for the future. And she shares her top tips on how to succeed in business! My Road to Success I graduated in Business, French [...]

Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Roseanna Cunningham MSP There’s no doubt that for many women with increasingly busy professional and home lives it can be a real challenge to achieve a work/life balance which works for them and their families. Indeed, there are times in my own life when achieving any work/life balance would [...]
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