equality matters

To achieve sustainable change gender inequality needs to be addressed. We are taking steps to change expectations about what it is to be a woman.

Here come the girls

Last month I wrote, “The changing nature of the debate at a political level is, undoubtedly, a good thing but unless women use the position of power to create real change for the majority of women then the pale, male and stale system will be replaced by one that may look different but which will, [...]

Diverse Britain

‘British society today respects diversity and people from different countries’ was the view presented by a panel of refugees from the Horn of Africa who are members of Initiatives of Change (IofC)’s Agenda for Reconciliation programme. The theme was ‘Overcoming the barriers to [...]

KAPOW! Attack of the feminist superheroes

From She-Hulk to Ms Marvel to the female Thor, a new generation of hero is revolutionising comic books. And while some of the ‘fan boys’ are grumbling, this is a battle they just won’t win. Harriet Grantham comments on Dorian Lynskey’s article in The Guardian about the rise of female [...]

Is the era of pale, stale and male really over?

There is a general acceptance that gender equality is making progress in the UK. Nicola Sturgeon made it clear on taking office as First Minister in Scotland, reinforced by her appointment of a gender balanced cabinet, that equality in high office can be achieved. And in the recent election debate [...]


International Women’s Day this year is on 12 March. When is International Men’s Day? You may think there isn’t one, except there is! Cynics may say ‘do you mean every day?’ International Men’s Day began in America in 1992 and seems to thrive. It is always held on [...]
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