social reformers

Stella Browne

With some states in America making it much harder for women to get an abortion, allowing women this right only in extreme circumstances, it is a good time to look at the life of an early activist for women’s right to choose. Stella Browne was a Canadian-born British feminist and social [...]

Mary Ward

The wiki entry for Mary Ward starts “Mary Ward (nun)”. True, Mary was a nun, indeed she founded the Sisters of Loreto and is being recommended for sainthood, but she was not the kind of nun that stayed indoors praying for the world. Mary was a feminist activist who petitioned for [...]

Beatrice Webb

Beatrice Webb was an English social and leading Fabian socialist who, in partnership with her husband Sidney, undertook many projects for social and educational reform. Beatrice was born in Gloucestershire, the daughter of a wealthy businessman and a merchant’s daughter; her grandfather was [...]

Fanny Parker

Image of Suffragette; Not Fanny Parker Frances “Fanny” Parker was a British suffragette who became a prominent militant. She was born and brought up in New Zealand. She was Lord Kitchener’s niece and he paid for her to come to the UK and study at Cambridge University. After graduating [...]

Eleanor Rathbone

Eleanor Rathbone is a perfect example of why we need the We Are The 51 campaign to celebrate the achievements of women. You may not think you know her name but you will undoubtedly have benefited from her works. Throughout her life Miss Rathbone as she was known, campaigned for better conditions [...]

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone was a leading activist and pioneer of both the abolitionist and women’s rights movements. Lucy was born in Massachusetts as the eighth of nine children to parents who were both committed abolitionists. Even before she attended college, Lucy taught in local schools. When one winter [...]
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