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Kay McNulty …

…. AND THE ENIAC PROGRAMMERS As part of a secret World War Two project, six young women programmed the first all-electronic programmable computer, ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. It was designed and used to calculate artillery firing tables for the United States Army and [...]

Beryl Burton

Beryl Burton was an English cyclist who won more than 90 domestic championships and seven world titles. On 17 September 1967, at the UK National Time Trial, Beryl rode a staggering 277.25 miles in 12 hours around the lanes of Yorkshire. This was a world record for both men and women! It was two [...]

Flora Sandes

Flora Sandes was the only British woman officially to serve as a soldier in World War I. Initially a St. John Ambulance volunteer, she travelled to Serbia, where she enrolled in the Serbian army. Flora was the daughter of a Suffolk rector but was set on becoming a soldier; spending her childhood [...]

Margaret Mead

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I’m sure that you will have seen that quotation all over the internet. You may even have it in your room on one of those motivational posters. [...]

Hilda Matheson

During a recent tour of New Broadcasting House I saw a large freize of people who had been influencial in the early days of the BBC. Lord Reith of course but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women featured. One, in particular stood out; Hilda Matheson. In 1927, Hilda Matheson became the [...]

Leonora Carrington

Reproduced with kind permission from Dr. Harold Gabriel Weisz Carrington. Estate of Leonora Carrington. Leonora Carrington was a British-born artist, surrealist painter and novelist. Leonora lived and worked in Mexico and was a founding member of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Mexico during [...]
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