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Why personal resilience matters in business – and how to get it.

Sometimes things seem to conspire against you and you lose the plot; stress hormones get released, your heart starts pounding and your sense of humour makes a swift exit ‘stage left’. Feeling pressurised and flustered, you find yourself making poor decisions, ones you’ll regret later. Sound [...]

The 4Rs of optimising the profit from your customer base

Most business owners hear the word marketing and believe it’s all about lead generation; pulling in new enquiries and gaining new customers. However according to Shweta Jhajharia of The London Coaching Group this is not the whole picture. Marketing is actually about getting more business. And [...]

Thinking of writing a business book?

Everyone has a book in them. How often have you heard that said? And by the plethora of business books pouring onto the shelves it looks like most people have a business book in them. So if 2016 is the year that you intend to add your pearls of wisdom, consider what Sue Richardson of SRA books has [...]

Executives in search of purpose

Anita Hoffmann, of Executiva, published the following article in the Guardian describing what executives are looking for in their careers post the financial crisis and how to find a position where they can do well while doing good. The majority of senior executives contemplating leaving their [...]

Christmas conversations you MUST have with your staff

Christmas is coming! Although it’s a time for celebration – work still exists and jobs still need to be done. Sue Ingram, from Converse Well, believes that as a manager there are some crucial communications that need to be made around expectations over the Christmas period. And this [...]
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