ethical economics

Whistleblowing: not for the faint-hearted

Whistleblowing is not for the faint-hearted. A riveted Greencoat Forum audience, (3 June 2014), listened to two courageous whistleblowers prepared to speak out against their organisations. Their stories illustrate the challenges whistleblowers face when trying to do the right thing. The problem is [...]

Healthy Eating spreads Conscious Capitalism

John Mackey, the founder and joint CEO of America’s largest whole foods chain, called appropriately enough Whole Foods Market, sounds for all the world like an unrepentant diehard capitalist who came to believe that ‘business and capitalism, while not perfect, were both fundamentally good and [...]

The power of trust, ethics and integrity in business

Promoting trust, ethics and integrity in the workplace was a major theme of a TIGERoadshow in Edinburgh, on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy. It was hosted by Tods Murray LLP’s Women in Business network and The3rdiMagazine. The roadshow was invited to Edinburgh by the magazine’s [...]

Community working – placebo or cure?

Before I move to the main points of this article I would make a couple of qualifying statements. Firstly that I totally support the invaluable and good-willed work of all volunteers. Secondly, that community is one of the key stakeholders in the Ethiconomics business model. I attempt to make this [...]

Confident. Me. Do you think so?

I have worked around, for and over and with about as many women as men. The attributes of the successful ones, and I mean they that achieved higher positions within the organisation and not on a personal level, were pretty mixed. A quiet and phlegmatic head of accounts, a ‘work-hard-play [...]

Cooperation, not competition

‘A Bigger Prize: why competition isn’t everything and how WE do better’, by Margaret Heffernan, Simon and Schuster UK, ISBN 978-1-47110-075-8. There is an extraordinary but telling difference between the titles of the US and the UK editions of the new book A Bigger Prize by the Texan [...]
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