ethical economics

Can Britain create a moral economy?

The distinguished political philosopher David Marquand has called for a national conversation to tackle inequalities woven into the fabric of British society. He was speaking in the London centre of Initiatives of Change on 5 May, two days before the general election. Professor Marquand, former [...]

Farewell to the pyramids?

I promise this isn’t a history less although the proposition does begin with the Egyptian Pyramids. To remind ourselves, the original ones were built in 2060 BC and were designed as tombs for the most powerful men, their consorts and precious possession.! In the modern business world the [...]

Diverse Britain

‘British society today respects diversity and people from different countries’ was the view presented by a panel of refugees from the Horn of Africa who are members of Initiatives of Change (IofC)’s Agenda for Reconciliation programme. The theme was ‘Overcoming the barriers to [...]

Sustainable Inclusive Economic Development

Mike Smith, Head of IofC UK’s Business Programs chaired ‘Sustainable Inclusive Economic Development’, one of four breakout sessions on 6 April at the Healing History conference (link is external) taking place in Richmond, Virginia. Panellists from Scotland, Mexico, the USA and England [...]

Is the era of pale, stale and male really over?

There is a general acceptance that gender equality is making progress in the UK. Nicola Sturgeon made it clear on taking office as First Minister in Scotland, reinforced by her appointment of a gender balanced cabinet, that equality in high office can be achieved. And in the recent election debate [...]

Can big business help to fix the world?

From ‘wobble land’ to ‘dark nights of the soul’– Can big business help to fix the world? by Yee-Liu Williams Misconduct in the financial industry no longer surprises. Trust in big business and banks has been weakened by a world of economic inequalities and corruption. But is there [...]
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