ethical economics

Crash Bang Wallop

Halifax Bank of Scotland whistleblower Paul Moore launched his new book Crash Bank Wallop in front of a packed audience at the London centre of Initiatives of Change on 6 November. The book tells the shocking story of what happened behind the scenes at one of the UK’s biggest banks in the run-up [...]

The A Word

An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics (excerpts from the highly acclaimed first book from Philip A Birch, ‘An A-Z Introduction to Ethic’onomics; principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’.) Each month the 3rdi magazine has been provided with exclusive rights to issue [...]

Encouraging social and ethical values in the multi-sector context

IofC-UK’s business programme team delivered two workshops on ‘The five pillars of trust’ at York St John’s social entrepreneurship conference, York, on 1 and 2 September 2015. They were invited to take part by conference organisers Catalina Quiroz and Margaret Meredith. The focus of the [...]

Book Review – Great Company by Michael Smith

I have to be honest. I always have a tinge of cringe when I am asked to review a business book. These reservations are based upon experience. I have read some good, bad and, mainly, indifferent. I am particularly nervous when the topic lays claims to trust, integrity and leadership. It is not that [...]

How a Kenyan businessman made a stance against corruption

Kenyan entrepreneur Emmanuel Mutisya spoke about the challenges of standing against corruption when he told his story of individual and business transformation on 28 June. He was speaking on the third day of the annual conference on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy inthe Caux Conference [...]

Jane Royston, Natsoft

Jane Royston, the Anglo-Swiss business woman renowned for founding NatSoft, which became the largest IT company in French-speaking Switzerland, shared her personal story of leadership and transformation when she addressed the second day of the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy conference in [...]
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