ethical economics

The times they are a-changing

Phil Birch – Birch Business IQ I am sure we are all familiar with the old saying “there are only two things certain in life, death and taxes”. Well I would like to modify this slightly to read as follows; there are only three things certain in life, death, taxes and change. Whilst [...]

A Unique Business Opportunity – YOU

Phil Birch – Birch Business IQ This month I wanted to address the subject of investment. Not the “give your business away” type of investment required to secure external funds from business angels nor the stocks and shares/bulls and bears, hedge-fund, fat-cat banker bonus [...]

RISK: Prevent, Protect and Pass it on

Phil Birch – BirchBusinessIQ Inspiration for this article comes predominantly from something I read in the finance papers earlier this month. It was an article on greed: specifically the greed of the modern banker and focused on two aspects of this high profile phenomenon. The writer provided [...]
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