ethical economics

Is Making and Having Money Ethical?

Chantal Cooke is a passionate environmentalist and co-founder and Managing Director of the award winning Passion for the Planet, the UK’s only radio station focusing on health and environmental issues. Passion broadcasts to London and the South on DAB Digital Radio and nationwide on the [...]

Social Responsibility – Who is responsible?

When I started my research on this topic I completed my usual activities. I scanned and posted out requests on various online networking facilities. I searched the internet, business links and sites. There is a hell of a lot of ‘social responsibility‘ information out there. Policy guidelines, [...]

Recruitment and Career Change

Photography by Nicolette Wells Photography Each month we theme our articles from business columists in order to provide a consistent thread through the magazine and to give you a variety of opinions on a particular subject. This month, we chose recruitment or more generally “career [...]

Dreamer or Visionary?

Phil Birch Birch Business IQ Here starts the new decade and what better place to start than with a vision, your vision, of the decade that stretches before you. I am not speaking here of the meanings attached to your night dreams, nor with the abstract, random, almost uncontrollable lapses into [...]

To make the MOST of 2011 you need a system.

So it’s a new year or a new decade even, depending on which method of calculation that you adopt!? I bet you have already spent time reviewing last year, making resolutions and commitments for this year and in convincing yourself that THIS year will be the one. The one that delivers the [...]

FRANCHISE – To Buy or Not to Buy

Phil Birch Franchising is a system of business that has grown steadily in the last 50 years and is estimated to account for more than one-third of the world’s retail sales. There are few of us how who are not aware of some form of franchising. Franchises range from the ubiquitous McDonalds to [...]
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