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Collaboration and Co-operation: Meanings, Intentions, Actions

What is the difference between the meanings of these two words; what is different about people collaborating or people co-operating? And what are the assumptions behind the words? Whilst I could bring in the dictionary definitions of these words, I thought I would take the opportunity to examine [...]

Tried and Trusted

Birch Business IQ Generally speaking we all understand what collaboration means. Essentially it is an an arrangement in which two or more parties work jointly towards a common goal. They co-operate and interact with each other in ways that can encompass a variety of actions, such as communication, [...]

Youth Enterprise – the times are they a-changing?

There is little doubt that there is an immense amount of attention being paid to today’s ‘youth‘. Whether we watch The Apprentice, get scared by anyone wearing a hoodie, are concerned about the options available to our kids leaving school or simply confused and slightly cynical by the [...]

Home-working – 4 tips to save your sanity

I have been working from home – in different capacities – for the best part of 10 years. In a previous corporate role I was a senior management team member and actually responsible for introducing “location independent working” into the sales and marketing divisions – [...]


The more people you mix with and the more they are inspired by you and what you are up to, the more you will attract people wanting to buy from you. Simple really. All that is required is for you to interact with others and to share what you have to offer. So why do we need articles on how to [...]

Networking or Not Working?

Networking is not new. It is, however, an increasingly cited phenomenon within business circles. Networking using the traditional face-to-face method and more particularly utilising the ever increasing and powerful internet and web-based tools is clearly on the up. I found this definition of [...]
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