Are we ready for The Big Society? What is Corporate Social Responsibility? What is a social enterprise? These questions and more are answered in this ebook through a variety of articles from those working in social enterprise and interviews with social entrepreneurs.


  • Are We Ready for The Big Society? – Karen Birch
  • Cornerstone Interview with Edel Harris – by Karen Birch
  • Corporate Responsibility – A Win – Win Strategy – Gary Fitzgibbon
  • Social Responsibility – Who Is Responsible? – Phil Birch
  • Social Responsibility in the Community – Janey Godley
  • The Social Entrepreneur – Kath Temple
  • What Is Social Responsibility? – Kate Griffiths
  • We Are All Social Entrepreneurs – Jane Kenyon
  • Is Money Ethical? – Chantal Cooke
  • Youth Entrepreneurship – A Future Force For Good – Zoe Hanks
  • Fundraiser of the Year – Lynne McNicoll
  • The Future Lies With Social Enterprise – By Margot Grantham

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