Louie Gardner, the author of these articles, is one of a very few people across the world applying and developing systems thinking and adaptive leadership capacity through the integrating field of Human Systems Dynamics (HSD).  Collected from Louie’s pieces for the3rdimagazine, this ebook covers a wide range of issues affecting contemprary leadership and beyond.


  • Potent Mix of Six
  • Managing Meaning: towards understanding Inspiration and Motivation
  • Adaptive Leadership aka Dynamical Leadership
  • Playing with Diversity – Pain or Pleasure?
  • My way or yours? Win or lose?
  • Enterprising Exodus
  • Bosses choose Managers
  • Courage in question
  • Fighting for our lives
  • When is Enough, Enough?
  • Competition kills innovation?
  • Collaborating depends …
  • Creating transformational change

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