After so many articles and schemes about how to find a mentor, and get mentored, you would think it’s a formality. But for most entrepreneurs, start-up and even other executives, we find that a lot of assumptions are getting in the way before you even apply to attend a mentoring programme.


Mentoring – the myths and assumptions ~ Servane Mouazan

Inspiring actions ~ Rebecca Bonnington

Peer-to-peer mentoring groups ~ Karina Bowlby

Peer-to-peer support in social enterprise ~ Eileen Inglis

Progress makes people happy ~ Jane Kenyon

A mentor doesn’t need to be a person ~ Fiona Gifford and Rachel Calder

Mentoring ~ Mario Alonzi

Mentoring ~ Anne Casey

Mentoring – your critical friend ~ Karen Birch

Mentoring – a fashionable activity ~ Christine Richard

The importance of mentoring ~ Natalia Talkowska interviewed by Anne Casey

January 2014

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