When asked, “What is leadership?” or  What makes a good leader?” we all have an opinion. We might not agree with each other but we are each clear in our own minds what leadership is. This ebook brings together opinion pieces from some of our fantastic regular feature writers and expert articles from leasers in the field.

Psychometric Testing and Effective Leadership – Sue Mitchell
Ethical Leadership – Zoe Hanks
Why we need Women Leaders in the Corporate World – Gary Fitzgibbon
Leardership Survey – Phil Birch
African Women are redefining leadership in Africa – Mariéme Jamme
Leading the Natural Talent in your Team – Michelle Clarke
Solution Focused Leadership in Education – Neil Birch
Janey Godley’s view….on leadership
Enlightened Leadership – Kath Temple
Leadership in Make-up and High Heels – Sonia Brown MBE
Leading your tribe – Nick Williams
Leading in a Quick Fix Culture – Louie Gardner

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