Now, more than ever, it is important that we address the issues of gender imbalance. The3rdimagazine has had many wonderful articles on the subject, the best of which are collected here


  • Courageous women and enlightened men ~ Margot Grantham
  • Are you a feminist? ~ Jane Kenyon
  • Young ladies who get pregnant ~ Hollie Weatherstone
  • Well done dear! – changing attitudes is not for the faint hearted! ~ Jane Kenyon
  • Glasgow Women’s Aid and the courage of women and children ~ Karen Birch
  • A personal account of courage and survival ~ Nicola Holland
  • Mail order brides ~ Hollie Weatherstone
  • Quotas: can I change my mind? ~ Jane Kenyon
  • International Day of the Girl ~ Hollie Weatherstone
  • Subjugation of gender and access to jobs ~ Mat Davies
  • Feminism – dump the word but do not forsake the message! ~ Jane Kenyon
  • How women have changed ~ Francesca Stocker
  • Raising boys to respect girls – a given right? ~ Jane Kenyon

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