Girls wear pink, Boys wear blue.
Girls play with dolls, Boys play with toy trucks.
Women are hairdressers, Men are plumbers.
Women are nurses, Men are doctors.
These are just a few of the gender stereotypes which we’ve all heard, and maybe even reinforced, with our own life choices. This e-book brings together opinion pieces from members and guest writers which address the challenges of diversity in the workplace and beyond.


  • Diversity – a social and cultural issue ~ Phil Birch
  • Diversity in Enterprise ~ Karen Birch
  • Identifying dyslexia in enterprising women ~ Jan Halfpenny
  • The Scottish education system and lack of diversity ~ Morag Pendry
  • Diversity – a state of mind ~ Rebecca Bonnington
  • And now, for my next trick….. ~ Jane Kenyon
  • Diversity ~ Christine Richard
  • Diversity – leading by example? ~ Karen Birch

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