Change is constant. If this sounds like a contradiction, well it is!
This collection of articles looks at change, and how best to cope with it.


  • Change – As good as a rest, really?! ~ Karen Finlayson
  • How women have changed ~ Francesca Stocker
  • Coping with change: top tips for parents ~ Kim Macleod
  • Change – what does it mean? ~ Christine Richard
  • Change – love it or fear it? ~ Rebecca Bonnington
  • How about some small changes for a change? ~ Jackie Cameron
  • Creating transformational change ~ Louie Gardner
  • Change – the appeal of yonder field ~ Hollie Weatherstone
  • The key to successful change? Bravery ~ Kim McAllister
  • Be the sustainable change you want to see in the world ~ Hollie Weatherstone
  • Are there any signs of change? ~ Karen Birch
  • Three certainties: death, tax and change ~ Phil Birch

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