We are the 51’ is a campaign to highlight the significant achievements of women in society.

Women make up 51% of the population and yet women’s achievements in the fields of science, culture, politics and social change are still often overlooked. We want to highlight some of the incredible women that have inspired us and shine a light on their achievements.

Throughout the centuries women have done incredible, amazing, wonderful things but too often the achievements have been understated, undervalued, ignored or confined to the footnotes of history. This campaign will highlight the achievements of women. Some, you will have heard of already and will be shown in a new light, while others may be completely new to you.

How about Hedy Lamarr? Considered by many as the most beautiful woman in the world, starring in countless films but she also co-invented a revolutionary communication system, to help radio-guided torpedoes escape detection by the enemy. Her idea later became the basis for spread spectrum communications technology, which is behind mobile phones and WiFi.

Or Rosalind Franklin. Her images of X-ray diffraction, confirming the helical structure of DNA, were shown to James Watson without her approval or knowledge. This image provided valuable insight into the DNA structure, but Franklin’s scientific contributions to the discovery have been overlooked. While James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins all received the Nobel Prize for their work Rosalind Franklin was not so honored.

Since 51% of the population are women we will be calling the campaign “WE ARE THE 51” and using hashtag #the51.
Please spread the word across your networks so that together we can spread a positive message about the contribution women make.


You can view the women featured so far…here

And you can nominate a woman from history to be featured by clicking here. To begin with we’ll profile women from history rather than contemporary figures but as the campaign grows, with your help, we hope to extend the scope.


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