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Louie Gardiner

People matter first – all else follows. This is the foundation on which Louie has grown her personal and professional life. She is a global executive coach, facilitator, writer and Human Systems Dynamics consultant with a proven track record spanning 30 years: transforming organisational and [...]

‘Knowing’ comes before ‘knowing we know’

Last year I sent out a tweet: ‘We can’t see what we can’t see until we can’. As ever, I was commenting on something that suddenly had become blindingly obvious to me. I was reflecting on how I had come to ‘know’ something and realised that it had ‘come upon [...]

Foundations for confidence

I woke up this morning with something odd running through my mind: 1,2,3,4; 2,2,3,4; 3,2,3,4; 4,2,3,4. Hey brother…….. 2,2,3,4 Hey sister… I was counting myself in to the beginning of a song. I have NEVER woken up doing that before. Later on, I went out for a run and started musing about what [...]

More than teams: we need system-seers and system-influencers

We are hardwired – born to categorise. They say it is to support our survival – to help us differentiate from those who are like us (assumed to be safe) and not like us (assumed to be unsafe). And so what we see all around us is the unwanted consequences of our default patterns of [...]


So what is it that we have to work to change in this year of 2014 to continue to make improvements to the position of women in our society and world-wide? CONTENTS The alternative diva new year message – dump goals! ~ Jane Kenyon Another woman facing into 2014 ~ Clare Logie Why women’s voices [...]

Member Events and Publications

The 3rdimagazine is published on the FIRST MONDAY each month Here we promote events, training courses and publications from members of the3rdimagazine co-operative. High Performance Sales and Persuasion 1st and 2nd September 2014 – Learn to close deals quickly and efficiently – Discover [...]
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