Dancing with your darkness

Would you go on a date with the most difficult, challenging, hopeless, nasty and terrible person you met? Would you go on a second date? No. This, however, is how we treat our most-cherished problems when we try to solve them. We insist on dancing with our darkness and waiting for the light. It’s backward and I’ll teach you a way to approach any problem that will give you a big head start in being free from it. Stay tuned.

We are all hard-wired to dance with our darkness to some degree. We are taught this by well-meaning loved ones, family members and our culture that keeps insisting that if we only “try harder” we’ll inevitably succeed. Not so.
Pick a personal example and follow along. Making it personal will help shed real light on your own darkness. So, the problem (with a capital ‘P’) is challenging you. So you begin the dance. The dance begins with dating and moves swiftly into a hard core romance. The romance is special…because our problem is treated (in our thinking) as special…and the serious trouble begins.

We make the problem into the figurative and literal centre or our universe. I’m not exaggerating. Think about YOUR personal problem and notice just how much space, time, energy and focus it takes up in your waking life; sometimes it even spills over into sleeping–or rather, not sleeping. It’s quite amazing, when you can catch a glimpse of it, how all-consuming this problem has become.

Think back ten days or ten years and notice that the problem(s) from back then also took up all this space, time and energy. And if you’re very honest and willing to look, you’ll see that most of our waking lives have been spent putting a problem in the centre of our experience and polishing it “until it gleams”.

Don’t misunderstand the intention here. I’m not suggesting that problems don’t hurt and don’t cause suffering. I’m in the business of helping people eliminate their very real suffering. What I am suggesting that you do is take a moment and notice the hard-wiring that keeps your mind (and ALL of our minds) pulling problems in front and centre to “tackle”, “struggle against” or “solve”. It’s there in you. It’s there in all of us. It’s the dancer in need of a partner. We want to dance with our problems so we court them. What to do?

There are about 90,752 ways to “fix” this problem…but that’s just it! Once again, we’ve defined things as our next problem that needs working on. The mind is more slippery than we can imagine–and fast too!

So how about not having a problem with your current problem? What? How? Is that even possible? Sure, all that is required is a slight change of perspective and some vigilance. Here’s a simple suggestion: pick light as your dance partner instead of darkness. How? Decide that every time you mentally navigate back to your problem (which will be often–hence the need for vigilance) you see your “problem” filled with light. Illuminated. That’s all. See it filled with light and avoid the temptation to go “fix” anything for the moment.

If you stay vigilant you’ll dissolve the difficulty with no strain, no pain and no suffering. Really.
You might enjoy other FREE TOOLS on my website if you’d like to find easy, gentle ways to let go of your suffering. You may just find that you always craved dancing with the light…you just didn’t recognize it until now.
Good luck.


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