A ‘C-word’ – Coincidence


I guess that it’s one of life’s common practices to think about new beginnings and fresh starts at this time of year. It is of course, arbitrary. Our calendar is arbitrary; our calenders break up this solar pattern and quantify this ‘time’ structure and the our personal schedules are crammed into these.

My first thought this month is just that; how and why do we quantify our lives to conform with what are essentially Faux-religious festivals, tradition, habit, routine and general conformity with a huge smattering of institutionalised 9-5 slavery. Most of our time is ‘taken’ or at least taken up.

That said, and I will be returning to this theme, we do have the time within this calenderisation of our life to experience wonder if we only choose to recognise it. Unusually for me I will bow to the pressures of political correctness and withhold any personal value judgements on how you define these regular moments of wonder be they messages from a god, guiding words from your angels, inevitable events brought to you by the law of attraction or simply coincidences in a random web of energetic exchange in an uncaring and uninvolved universe.

This extract from my journey goes a little way into my own thoughts; at the time anyway!

Day 264 Coincidence schmoincidence
Cor blimey! Doesn’t time fly when you are following your intent?! Well, you may think that the two concepts are being linked arbitrarily, but for me, since I started to consider my intention and applied my attention to delivering it, I have been incredibly busy. Inundated with new contacts and work offers, hence the humongous gap between my last post and this.

I can hear the brows furrowing and the tuts echoing from here. Hah, coincidence I hear you say. Poppy-cock! (For all of you still living in 1930’s public school). Well, it may be the former but I can attest to it not being the latter. I may have mentioned earlier that I have read a significant amount of development books – spiritual and secular, Eastern and Western, asinine and enlightening – and through almost all of these there runs a certain “‘golden thread”’. Elements of this consistency that are hard to ignore (unless you are a closed-minded, face-value, blinkered fundamentalist) run though many of these texts; one of which is coincidence. It may well be a case of the more you look, the more you see. It may well be the Law of Attraction; we attract to us that which we think of the most. It may well be a case of look and ye shall find. It may well be a case of mental filters; that is to say, when we consciously bring something to our focused attention, more of it appears. You decide.

Hmmm, not convinced? An example maybe. Have you ever really wanted a particular make of new car? Say, a blue VW beetle. It calls to you, motivates you. Your intention is to have a blue beetle. You focus your attention on getting one. Now, you seem to hear adverts on the radio that you did not hear before. Are they new? You drive past new billboard ads with shiny new beetles on them – a big marketing push from VW? Then comes the day and you pick yours up from the dealer; all clean and smelling nice and guess what, you see them all over the place. Every Tom, Rich and Harold has one. Coincidence? Maybe. Anyway, since I have focused my attention on my intention, weird, bizarre but fantastic coincidences have happened every day; and I mean every day. Even now, this very minute, I have had to break from typing to answer my phone. It was my business partner, who wanted to update me about certain issues to do with our enterprise. We spoke about a couple of books that we have been given to review, or rather she had been given, on synchronicity and coincidence. This, just as I was literally typing the word coincidence into this piece. Spooky.

You will have had these experiences yourself I am sure. A familiar smell or song that triggers memories of an experience or friend that you have not seen for years and within a ridiculously small amount of time the friend rings. I know, this all sound a bit random; hippy almost, but try it. Try to notice these little coincidences and see if they are actually aligned with your intent. See if they are nudging you to shift your attention or even to increase the attention that you are giving to a certain activity. All I ask is you try it. Notice the coincidences; see how and when they happen. Is there a theme? Is there a message within the message? Are they confirming that your attention is well placed because you are working within your intent?

For me, well I love them. I love these little moments. I do not attach too much significance to them individually, I make no claims that I am being selected for special Universal messages, but I choose to take them as little reminders that I am on track. Even if you do not see these moments with any great significance and refer to treat them as random (and if so I suggest that you try to calculate the statistical probability of them!) then enjoy them anyway. I do not believe in coincidences anymore. I am familiar with statistics and probability. I treat them as little spiritual gems. How about you?

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