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Many of the contributors to the3rdimagazine are amazing, inspirational authors so why not treat yourself this Christmas. Click on the links and make that change!

Phil Birch ….Ethiconomics

“Ethiconomics” is your complete A-Z guide to an improved, sustainable life leading to rewarding business relationships and personal fulfilment.

Through the world’s economic meltdown there is an ever greater need for personal development. Ethiconomics’ is this change. It’s an easy to read, reference book covering multiple topics in short punchy thought provoking paragraphs that anyone at any level can relate to.

The main focus is to show you how you can integrate personal techniques into business practice. It also shows you how to act with Authenticity whilst exploring other topics like Ethics, Ego, Humanity and Leadership. Other subjects also covered are Influence, USP, Networking and Affluence to name a few.

The book’s aim is to help you in your current position whether employed, self-employed, entrepreneur, SME as well as larger companies through your own analysis of your approach, choices and actions in business.

Ethiconomics will illustrate and inspire you to change your business, your work and possibly your life.

Phil Birch …. Astound The World in 80 days

Not anyone else, not your peers, colleagues, family or friends. It is about getting the most from you. You have your own skills, feelings, thoughts and needs.

This program helps you to assess and evaluate all of these and more so that you can have the inspiration and commitment to develop the value of the authentic you. Within three months you can be a better, more authentic more valuable you.

SIGN UP NOW and in less than 3 months YOU can Astound your World!

Mike Smith … Great Company
What motivations inspire today’s generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who shape the world of tomorrow?
Many believe their organizations provide not just economic value but also social value in meeting the human needs for goods, services, jobs, fulfilment and economic wellbeing. In Great Company Michael Smith argues that, far from the ends justifying the means, the means actually determine the ends. Dishonest and acquisitive means in the events that led up to the crash of 2008 led to disastrous outcome. Those who are driven solely by acquisition are the disrupters and destroyers. Those who are motivated by a sense of contribution are the buildings towards the common good.
Mike Smith tells a wide range of stories, including those drawn from the Initiatives of Change centres in Caux, Switzerland, and Panchgani, India.
Visit the website for more details.

James Robinson …. Living to Die Dying To Live
What is death? What is Life? Are the two connected? What can we expect in death and dying. James Robinson has researched in depth the interrelationship of life and death and sets it out so everyone can easily understand what to expect.
Visit the website for more and to buy your copy.

James Robinson …. What is Love?
What do we mean when we say we love someone? Are there differences between the love that exists between parent and child; between lovers, friends, or siblings; and between teacher and student? Are there different forms of love that might apply to one relationship and not to another? For example, what is “tough love” that the Christians love to use (pun intended)? Can love be a justification to hurt another? For thousands of years humankind has persecuted, tortured, killed, maimed, and abused itself in the name of God, who is love.
Visit the website for more and to buy your copy.

James Robinson …. How Big is Your But?
The limitations we place on our reality often define our reality. What we think we aren’t able to achieve is often more central to our experience of life than what we feel we can achieve. I believe that if we let go of the memories of our past that prevent us from living the most abundant, hilarious, and satisfying lives we can, then we will get off our “buts” and live our lives to the fullest.
Visit the website for more and to buy your copy.

C A Hope …. New Lanark Series
The final book in this stunning trilogy, based on the true story of the birth of the New Lanark cotton mills which is now a UNESCO Heritage Site, was released this year.
We have reviewed all three and you can read more here.

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