Wholly Open Hearted Technique – to undo the wounds in your heart

If you’ve ever changed your mind you’ll be delighted to discover you can change your hurt & painful feelings just as easily using the Wholly Open Heart Technique. I’ve taught this to clients for years. Now you can move past the stuck feelings lodged in your emotional heart much more quickly and with ease. When you change the feelings in your heart you whole life opens to new possibilities. Thankfully it no longer takes months or years; you can do it in a matter of just a few minutes.

Think about the last time you had a big “heart-centred” hurt. You know the kind. Unkind words, betrayal, judgement and the like. It healed much more slowly than a “head-based” hurt, didn’t it? It’s why great writers like Shakespeare wrote of the “slings and arrows”. It feels, where the heart is concerned, like both figurative and literal arrows lodged in the heart.

Good news. I’ll take you through a very short, graceful and easy way to undo the wounds in your heart. That way you’ll be much more able to open back up to your full life. It’s a lovely framework I’ve taught clients so they can manage their own emotional hurts and get back on track. We’ll be using visual images but don’t convince yourself you “can’t visualize” or even that it’s “tough for you” to do. You can visualize; even if you believe you can’t. For now, just pretend. That will work just as well.

So…pick a specific hurt and rate it as low, medium or high discomfort. Be specific. Working on one hurt at a time will yield much greater progress for you. Also, tracking how much your discomfort diminishes each time you use this technique will help you notice that things are indeed improving for you.

Now imagine “the whole problem” in your physical heart; remember we’re just imagining and pretending here. Imagine unzipping your chest and taking out your heart painlessly from your chest and hold it in your warm hands. Look at the problem locked in your heart which you are now holding and pretend that you’ve just noticed something important.

Your “Aha!” moment is that your heart is just like an Oriental puzzle box–yes, it is! Pretend along with me here.
Deftly see your hands sliding this part of your heart one way, that part the opposite way, moving this piece and revolving that piece. You’re unlocking the intricate system of checks and balances that keep it tightly held together, right?

The final piece is moved into place…and see your heart fully unfurl into a long, open strand of parts in your hands. There may even be a fun “whooooooshing” sound as that happens. It’s a long strand and the parts of “the problem” it held drop away completely and dissolve. It’s as if you opened it and the dust fell out onto the floor and was carried away by the wind. Just imagine that. Feel it as best you can for a moment or two.
Gently rock the heart-strand and notice that every single surface of the strand ventilates now with fresh air and blood and life. It happens on its own, quite automatically. You’re just the observer. Take a breath and exhale.

Now, just as deftly as you opened it up, you gracefully reassemble the strand into a full, pumping, vibrant and life-filled heart. Every surface of every part has just been ventilated and re-conditioned by your actions. It feels good. Feel that goodness for a moment or two.
Finally, pop your heart back into your chest and zip it up closed. Notice the new, better feelings that come in automatically now. Decide for the moment to allow it all to reconfigure itself without you needing to analyze or poke into anything resembling your old problem. Re-rate your feelings and feel free to repeat this technique as often as you like until you reach the perfect place of comfort in your own heart.

Take time, as you work in this way with the Wholly Open Heart Technique to actually feel what you feel as you do it. I often tell folks it’s rather like the difference between seeing the word “chocolate” as compared to actually tasting it. Jump in and taste some. Enjoy.

rudyCopyright Rudy Hunter. All rights reserved.
Rudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website, http://www.rudyhunter.com has lots of FREE healing resources for both species.

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