The best of intentions

I am offering the next of my ‘Crisis. What crisis?’ series with a heavy heart. The star of this particular entry is no longer with me. He passed this year and I miss him every day.
Anyway, as a tribute to his patience, love, loyalty and tolerance of me and MY best intentions, this one goes out to the one I love . . . .

Day 253 Best intentions and a puddle of wee

pabloIntention can be a tricky beast. I mean, how many of us actually genuinely consider what our intent is during our daily lives. We may have long term goals and dreams. We may have created a vision board that provides images to inspire us. We may be a convert of the law of attraction and have a £20 note extra 000’s written upon it stuck on our ceiling on it to inspire us. We may even have a plan written down with specific goals for the week, month year etc; but do we actively infuse these plans with our actual intent?

I looked up a definition of intent to try and clear the issue in my own mind at least. There were several, as you would imagine, but I like the following the most:
‘the deliberate, purposeful and conscious motivation of an individual or individuals to achieve a particular outcome.’

This seems fairly straightforward; purposeful and conscious motivation to achieve a particular outcome. But when do we measure the outcome? How do we understand and interpret results along the way? I will provide a personal example. I have decided that September is going to be the start of a new phase. A phase in which I walk even more of my rambling talk. I have an intended weight/fitness goal. I have a meditation target. I have a dietary objective. I have a ‘get out in nature’ plan. All of which I intend to incorporate relatively rigidly into my daily routine. I start with an earlier rise and, after a quick wee, complete 20-30 minutes light exercise/stretching and 15 minutes meditation. A good start to the day you would agree I am sure. However, and here’s the rub, I omitted to get my new plan approved and accepted by my dog. His morning routine, completed with unshakeable consistency and diligence, is to stir from slumber as I nip for my wee, follow me back to the bedroom, blanket in mouth (I still haven’t really worked that one out!!), sit outside the door for five minutes or so while I dress and then accompany me downstairs for his breakfast and morning ablutions.

Simples. But I have now introduced at least thirty minutes delay into my entering and exiting my bedroom and so he is forced to sit outside and wait longer. Big deal says you. I agree, but Pablo unfortunately has not quite got the message yet. How do I know? Well, on day two of my new routine he refused to follow me down to the kitchen. Me, all stretched, alert and ‘at one’, him a bit sheepish on his bed. Upon entry to the kitchen I realised why. My extended routine had failed to account for the changes to his and, bless him, the little tyke, he had left me a little yellow puddle by the back door by way of indignant dirty doggy protest! Or more likely he simply could not cross his legs any longer.

Obviously it was not his intent to pee inside the house. Obviously it was not my intent to cause him stress or to test his powers of ‘holding it in’. Was this a message from the universe? A hint from the global consciousness? Maybe. I am still putting context to the message but what is clear to me is this; whatever your intention and whatever new plans, schemes, goals and targets this inspires, tell your dog! Or, more practically, ensure that you have considered the fall out (so to speak) of the intention upon those around you. It may be great for you to have a wonderful new and motivating intent but be aware that the resultant impact may deliver little reminders along the way that we are not alone nor isolated in this world and all of our actions, whatever the intent, have associated results that we may not have specifically planned for.

Take care, best intentions.

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