Dancing with Demons

NosferatuShadowIn many religious and spiritual traditions from around the world, there is a belief in a devil or demons. It’s not my intention to debate the validity of their existence. In traveling the world and meeting people from various cultures and traditions, I have made an observation: that there are many ideas that once served people that are passed down from generation to generation. These beliefs become rules, regulations to live by and dogma. Many of them served a purpose at one time but no longer hold up against the light of truth. They are frequently passed down and embraced as truth But don’t hold up in reality. Singer Stevie Wonder said it best, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way.”

The belief in demons from another dimension that have the power to hurt and control us is a belief that is embraced by many. A friend of mine is fond of saying, “Its not the dead you have to watch out for. It’s the living!” I’ve never been one to fear the existence of creatures or spirits from the “other side”. Those here on Earth can do great damage to our fellow living beings. Most of us can easily come up with a list of people from history and your own direct experience who have done terrible things. I have been a Medium for many, many years. To this day, when someone asks me what I do, its common for people to take a step backward when I tell them, as if I’ve got some rare communicable disease. I’ve come to the point now where I find it amusing. Even though I communicate with the spirit world, most people who know me will tell you I am very level headed, practical and down to earth. I’m the reliable, dependable guy you want with you in an emergency. Yet despite what many would call a “woo-woo” mind set, I do not have the slightest belief in demons and devils. I believe as humans, we have mastered the skills of being cruel to each other. We don’t need any help from any invisible villains.

One of the things I attempt to have my clients realize is that they are fully responsible for their lives; for their happiness, unhappiness, good and bad. Could it be that putting the blame on a demon or evil spirit is a way of getting ourselves off the hook for our unhappiness and lack of fulfillment? I say yes.

Demons are really opportunities. They are like friends disguised as a terrible next-door neighbor who won’t leave you alone. The tendency is for all of us to run from pain. Many decades of research reveal that most people are motivated by avoiding pain rather than seeking pleasure. When faced with moving towards pleasure vs. avoiding pain, people are about 3 times more likely to take steps to avoid pain.

There are many kinds of demons. One of the most common forms is addiction. Depression, chronic negativity, unresolved anger and rage are all part of this family.

My personal demon was a life-long addiction to sugar. It ruled my life and almost every waking moment. I was really hard-core. So many of my daily actions and decisions were based upon where my next hit of sugar was coming from. I planned my days around it. After reaching a point of disgust, I got help from a holistic doctor who assisted me in changing my diet and habits. I’m happy to say that after decades of sugar excess, I am healthy and happy and no longer addicted.

If a client or loved one were coming to me and dealing with any inner demon, I would encourage them to not attempt to go it alone. There are many wonderful resources available today around the world that did not exist in decades past. You can ask a friend, look to local community services as well as Internet searches. There is plenty of help available today. Prayer and meditation can also serve to calm and center yourself. Working with a knowledgeable professional for a time and be a tremendous move in the right direction.

I discovered that my inner demons are wonderful opportunities to live a fuller, freer and more meaningful life. When life brings you demons, dance with them. Hug a demon today.

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