Stop spinning all the plates!

philbirchbw-e1297112991794You have a million things to do and another million to think about doing.

There are current issues that you have to manage on a day-to-day basis that absorb your time, thoughts, energy and actions such as bills, letters, meetings, social commitments, marriage discussions and all of life’s rich pageant. Here is a simple method for how to manage these issues while you put your new plans in place. Once again, you will need to be responsible and you will have to take action because simply by doing something to progress an issue will always make you feel better and feeling better is at least half the battle.

Theory: Everything that is incomplete drains energy from you and your success. It’s like keeping plates spinning in the air. All incomplete things drain energy and take up your percentages.

So, stop spinning all of those plates and take some if not all of the following actions:

Take responsibility for your life/business and do only what you can, pass on or remove or delegate the rest.
NEVER commit to more than you can do.
Look after your body and health and eat, drink, exercise, sleep and breathe!

What you are doing here is ordering your mind and life in a way that you are comfortable with.

You are clearing the way for your mind to be open and clear.
You are taking action.
You are getting feedback – internal (emotions, feelings etc) and external (responses, actions, etc)

If you look at your list of spinning plates from above and allocate a percentage to each of these or your own similar issues, then just how much percentage would you release if you made some progress or got closure? Just how much of your positive energy is being consumed by these unresolved issues? Allocate a percentage in your mind. It does not matter what this percentage is or where it comes from, go with it. Make a note of how you are feeling in percentage terms. How much is this issue draining your energy?

TAKE ACTION and progress or resolve the issue. Just this one issue to start with so be brave with your choice. Then, when you have made some progress, no matter how ‘small’ it seems, or even got full closure and the issue is completely resolved within you check:

NOW how you feel?
NOW how much more energy you have?
Do you have more ‘head space’?
Once you have experienced this for yourself YOU will know how it works and how much better you feel. You will see that doing it again and again becomes a pleasurable and rewarding and energising experience. You will become the Issue Resolving Master!!!

One issue at a time. One step at a time. It is important that you do NOT try to resolve every issue at once. Be calm, clear and cool. Pick an issue, think about the best action and do something about it. Gradually, these mundane and time-consuming issues will dissolve and you will have cleared more mind-space to focus on the bigger picture. And, because you have taken responsibility and control, you will get more positive feedback from your emotions and you WILL feel happier and at cause.


B-W-Help-Y-B-Self-300x212We all have a unique way of processing and experiencing our world
We do this in ways that we as individuals have been conditioned and programmed to process and experience it. How this information is processed and how then we project this into our view of the world directly influences how we experience it.

By understanding how the body/mind works and by developing more flexibility, balance and inner strength you can develop the ability to stay in a good state of mind for the majority of the time.Look at it like yoga for the brain. It should be your choice to have the life you would like to experience not the one you have been conditioned to experience.

In A Nutshell we provide you with the simplest, quickest and most practical solutions that you can apply in your own way, in your own time, in your own world. Our aim is simply to be as simple as we can possibly be, to allow you to choose whether to change or not and, if you do, how to do it if you wish.

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