How to pull yourself together

Ever feel “all over the place” or like you’re being “pulled in a hundred different directions”? It’s metaphorically true. It’s also literally true on the energy level of your being. What if there was a simple way to reconstruct the displaced parts of yourself so you could feel more whole, balanced and centred.

There is a way. It’s simple, fast and very effective. It’s SO effective it will even stand up under the toughest pressure of family reunions, job interviews and the dating scene.

Imagine for a moment that you are made up of 100 pieces of “stuff” of the universe. Now imagine you’re made up of 1000 pieces…and finally imagine you’re constructed of 1,000,000 pieces of this “stuff” that constitutes you. In the world of energy that’s very conservative, but the idea is right.
Now during your day you’ll drop bits of “you” everywhere you go. It’s just like dropping bread crumbs to find your way back from grandma’s house. This is normal and natural energetic “trailing” that happens all the time. It’s no big deal. You still feel fine most days.

But, under stress, strain and trauma your loss of this “stuff” can become debilitating and overwhelm you. Remember how zapped you felt at your worst job interview, family dinner or lover’s quarrel. That feeling is the increased loss of energetic bits of “you” at a higher rate than normal.
Great news, though. You can call it all back to you. Imagine summoning back the bits of you that you left around your life today. Imagine them flowing back to you through the air and entering your body below the waist. As the “bits” of you re-enter allow yourself to experience what you actually do feel. You’ll feel better and better as you fill back up and re-integrate yourself in a more whole and balanced state.

It’s simple, easy and effective and you can even do it in the middle of a stressful situation once you’ve had some practice with it. You can even listen to an audio clip that will help you learn how to do it in just a few minutes. Whether you understand or believe the energetics of this technique, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to feel in your body when you do it. Our body responds so well because we are not asking it to integrate anything foreign to it. We asking it to pull in what it already recognizes; yourself.

Test this out for yourself and if you find it beneficial don’t hesitate to use it as much as you like. You may find your next stressful meeting, date, fight or incident a little less traumatic because of it.

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Rudy has spent nearly 30 years helping dogs & people back to health and happiness using essential oils and energy work. He works long-distance helping people & pooches; often getting great results where other techniques have failed. His website, has lots of FREE resources for both species.

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