Attention energises and intention transforms

crisisheaderIntent has become something of a holy grail to me and this increased awareness in the value of the ‘intent’ behind our thoughts, words and deeds continues to fascinate and inspire me today as much as it appears to have been doing through my journey with Dr Chopra.

I was, and still am, not a fan of sound-bytes but the title of this article is, I believe, one of the worthy and memorable exceptions. It may not be one that you can throw in willy-nilly after a casual dinner date or in the pub with the sporty-crowd, as it does smack a little of the philosophic, or even of being ‘deep’ (heaven forbid!!), but nevertheless, if you communicate it to yourself periodically I am sure you will arrive at a conclusion relevant, pertinent and valuable to your own good self. And who else is more qualified to evaluate what is energising and what is transforming you?

Day 233 Is the devil actually in the detail?

Intention has been something that has found its way into my consciousness in several ways recently; insistently and repeatedly so in fact. It may be performing its magic with synchronicity and coincidences or it may be a simple truism that my attention is pointing in such a way that I am simply noticing such events more frequently. It depends upon your perspective and understanding I suppose.

Either way, I have never, until relatively recently, given it much thought. I never related intention to the achievement of my goals other than by letting it influence my original objectives. These historically have been relatively mundane – a pay rise, a new car, a bigger house, the latest golf clubs, and such. I have not applied any great theory or plan to achieving my objectives other than the familiar methods of keeping my nose to the grindstone, my head down and working my little currants off. Surely it would pay off?! It usually did but I would not be here if it was as simple as that. Things change, we change, stuff happens and my mundane objectives seem little more than trappings. So, how and what should I intend for now?

Dr Chopra lifts the concept to a far higher level and very much ties it in to a second component; that of attention. He states that ‘attention energises and intention transforms’. He goes on to say that whatever you put attention on, grows in your life, whilst whatever you take your attention away from will ‘wither, disintegrate and disappear’. He further states that intention triggers the transformation of energy and information (what he considers to be the source of all things in the Universe) – ‘it is the real power behind desire; desire without attachment to the outcome.’
‘The quality of intention on the object of attention . . . . will bring about the outcome intended’.

But there is a proviso; a condition upon which this principle is founded; namely
‘provided one follows the other spiritual laws of success.’

Bugger! And here’s me thinking that the hard bit was done! What happened to the ‘least effort’ law for goodness’ sake?

In a recent conversation, intent popped up. A friend had a simple view on the matter; provided that the intention of two parties was the same (and ecologically sound – i.e. good for me, good for you, good for the world) then how this is delivered is just detail; noise. This, I think, is what Dr Chopra implies. If our end goals are good (and they should be if we have followed the other laws) then the universe will contrive to create a myriad of ways that the end results can be achieved. We have all heard saying like ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff!’ and ‘the devil in the detail’ but which is more true. If the devil IS in the detail then surely we have to deal with him (her!)? If we don’t sweat the small stuff then surely we are being remiss and careless; opening up potential issues and problems because we have not planned sufficiently?

I think that this may be the hub of the issue. If our intent is good and our attention is unyielding then the universe will find a way to deliver. Just detach, trust and wait for the right moment! Mmmm, plenty of food for thought which reminds me, I have to get on with my pasta sauce; I intend to have spag-bol this evening!

Well, where is your attention, and what do you intend to do with it?

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