Intent – the driver of success?

crisisheaderI am just over halfway through my review of ‘Crisis. What Crisis?’ and I am, from memory at least, approaching the more demanding sections. For those intrigued, the woerst (my worst !) is yet to come but this ‘Law 5’, Intent, is a doozy.

Of all the 7 Laws which Dr Chopra lays out for us, maybe this is the most familiar. In theory anyway! Intent is a founding element in many teachings including The Secret and very particularly the ‘Law of Attraction’. It also takes up a primary place in my latest favourite reading on metaphysics, quantum physics and consciousness, ‘My BIG Toe by Thomas Campbell (highly recommended – see the3rdi book review section).
So, without further ado, I will leave you with my journal entry;

Law 5 Intent
Day 228 ‘I am that, you are that . . . that’s all there is’

This is where the journey gets really interesting. Intent, or it’s more familiar construct, intention, is the driving force behind most of our thoughts and subsequently our behaviour. Intention moulds the required results in all we do, the outcome that we expect or the desire from all that we undertake and is therefore inextricably linked with our feelings of success and failure, of progress or stagnation, and of our personal development.
I have experienced demonstrations of this throughout my entire life as I am sure we all have. Historically I can refer to my time in corporate world. I was given the role of re-engineering the business infrastructure, or to put it more succinctly, of changing the way that the business operated. My motivation, guided as I thought by the company’s intention, was to make the company more efficient (money-driven) in the way it managed all orders and customer activities. My intention was also to make the jobs of everyone involved in these processes more fulfilling and satisfying; I intended to build the business systems in a way that encouraged the employees to focus on the creative elements of the work whilst the systems handled the mundane. I applied various project management techniques (and went through many project managers!) and regularly communicated with the people on the ground to ensure that the configuration was as ideal as possible. Despite the success of the program, in financial and operational terms, at it’s conclusion I left the organisation. Why? Well because MY intention was not considered nor allowed to be deployed. Essentially they wanted cost saving, I wanted people development and job satisfaction as well. The company’s intent was satisfied, mine was not. The people didn’t matter to them, only the profits.

Other examples litter my life and whilst I do not dwell on them I do now see far more clearly why some of my ventures and endeavours have delivered outcomes that were not as expected or intended!

To return briefly to Dr Chopra’s script; he states (something like this anyway) that the entire Universe is made up of energy and information. At the quantum level everything is the same; made up of combinations of elements that are organised into a myriad of forms. Us, humans, being one of these combinations of information and energy. In fact, he goes on, if we broke down all of our aggregate component elements into their source materials we could be bought in a hardware shop or chemists for a matter of pennies. Bits of carbon, iron, etc that in their basic state amount to, well, not very much really! A sobering thought perhaps. By way of expansion, he states that we even exchange these basic elements freely with other organisations i.e. we exchange carbon and oxygen with plant life (breathing to you and me!) He quotes the ancient seers to summarise this:
“‘I am that, you are that, all this is that. That’s all there is.’

So back to intention. He states that because we are all made up of this same stuff it is our ability to recognise this, our ability to be aware of our consciousness (wherein our intention is formed) that sets us up as a ‘privileged species’. If everything in the Universe is made of the same stuff and within the quantum environment everything is simply a matter of energy and information exchange then he proposes that by being aware of this and by clarifying our intention we can unite our stuff with the Universe’s stuff to create whatever we desire.

Wow! This appears to be so simple yet so fundamental. We can manifest our desires if our intent is engaged?
Well, I am off to make a coffee; my intention is to make a strong, filter brew without scalding myself or spilling coffee grounds all over the kitchen work-tops. Will I manifest this? Check out tomorrow’s exciting new episode; ‘Filter coffee and no mess; the truth revealed’

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