Ego in the workplace

JROBINSON-banner- new-3There is a lot of talk in spiritual and motivational magazines these days about the Ego, especially whether it is something we have to eliminate. The Ego is simply our mind, thoughts, beliefs, mental programming and who we think we are. In computer terms it is our operating system. When we are born, we have no ego. We don’t know anything, want anything, or fear anything. We simply are. We are not aware of our name, our family, or our world. We simply are. We breathe, we are aware. However, we are sponges for what is happening around us. We become aware of our mother, she who feeds us. Under optimum conditions, our mother supports us, nurtures us, and keeps us safe. After some time, we become aware of a stranger, our father, who also hopefully nurtures us and keeps us safe.
Then the programming begins. We learn that there are differences between men and women, young and old. We learn that the world is a scary place, and we learn what is dangerous and what is safe. We learn behavior that pleases our parents and behavior that does not please our parents. We become people pleasers, because we need our parents to be happy for our safety and well-being. The Ego is growing more and more sophisticated and takes over our lives. We learn to like and dislike. We learn to love and to hate. We learn to distinguish friend from foe. We learn how to empower ourselves and how to disempower ourselves.
Women have a special issue that they must face, the cultural expectation that they be submissive and invisible. Surveys have shown that the biggest cause of job dissatisfaction among women is the perception that they have to know their place (which has a glass ceiling) and limit themselves. Perhaps this is due to male expectations of females in general which women accept. This is the Ego at work. The Ego can help empower people to great feats, but it also can keep people small, and limit their accomplishments if they believe that is their fate.
We have to understand that the Ego can be retrained and reprogrammed. Whatever you believe to be true is simply a belief. All of our beliefs can be brought up, analyzed, and recreated if they no longer serve us. This includes the role of women in the workplace. Whatever anyone believes about women in the workplace, that belief needs to be reexamined and modified if necessary. The Ego decides how far you will rise and how successful you will be. If your Ego believes that your potential is unlimited, then that is your destiny. (Cue Helen Reddy singing “I am Woman”).
People are drawn to leaders. The Ego determines whether you are a leader or not, regardless of your gender. If you can believe you are a leader, then you have to reprogram your Ego to be in alignment with that belief. Leaders are only the people who get there first. You do not need to have any belief other than you are worthy, capable and valuable. When you live that belief, people will naturally be drawn to you. Machiavellian politics are not needed, simply integrity. Show up, be honest, have integrity and be happy and you will be rewarded. It is a universal equation that has to balance. If your Ego has been programed to believe that you have to compete, conquer, outperform, trick or cheat your way to the top, you will experience serious operational glitches along the way. If you believe that you have to be less because of your gender, you will also experience serious glitches along the way. (Glitches=Karma)
Make a list of the ways your Ego/beliefs limit you from your goals. Perhaps your goals are too small. Perhaps you don’t believe that you deserve success. Perhaps you surround yourself with others who do not support your dreams. Whatever it is that you discover, you may rewrite those programs and start living your dreams. The best way to accomplish anything is to look at how you are limiting yourself. What kind of mental or emotional prison have you locked yourself into? Do you even allow yourself to dream? Everyone has the ability to accomplish his or her dream. If you want to dream big, you have to be big. You have to find the confidence, the discipline and the focus to be big. You have to allow your Ego to be big. Being happy, focused, motivated and helpful is a powerful combination. Live your dream and have the Ego that it takes to be that.

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